Mac Miller-Perfecto


Mac Miller Perfecto Mp3 Download

Mac Miller Perfecto Mp3 Download

Mac Miller Perfecto Mp3 Download Mac Miller’s “Perfecto” is a meditation on mood affiliation.

No cap, this Mac Miller is recreation to the senses. Tee-WaTT blesses the embattled rapper with a smooth surface to run his mock-up. Mac uses the pretense of radio-friendly rap to communicate a subtle message of loneliness and isolation, because on the surface he “looks alright.” The contents of Swimming are forwarded for general use, for you and yours.

On “Perfecto” Mac doesn’t drag anybody by name, but the implications have been televised on every channel in the quadrant. The former teen idol fell out with another teenage prodigy making her first steps. In many respects, “Perfecto” is a view of the mind “with eyes closed.”


If his recent output is any indication, Mac Miller will venture farther into the unknown on future releases, but for now he is completely at peace taking things slowly, or “treading water” as he would have it.

Too much, too soon is not in the cards for Malcolm McCormick. Swimming is out Today.


Quotable Lyrics:

Me, I’m just tryna play it cool J (anyways)
Yeah, mind over matter I’m
Purer than alkaline
Bitch stuck on album time
I gotta get out to shine
Fly on the wall, shit I was buggin’
Miss me like you gettin’ withdrawal I keep that coming, yeah

Mac Miller Perfecto Mp3 Download

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