Vic Mensa – 10K Problems

Vic Mensa 10K Problems Mp3 Download

Vic Mensa 10K Problems Mp3 Download

When Vic Mensa is his vulnerable self, he is able to weave a story with the best of ’em. On “10K Problems,” Vic Menda dives into the character defining moments of his life which gave rise to the man he is today.

Mensa raps in the same vein as artist who perform their catharsis out in the open. The Chicago emcee recounts lessons learned when he walked himself into a corner, and lost $10K off extortion. But like a man of his word, $10K was a small price to pay for the valuable lessons he learned in the process.

“10K Problems” borrows the same Enya sample made famous by The Fugees’ “Ready Or Not.” Since our generation and the generation before us, grew up memorizing the Fugees almost verbatim, there’s no other way to cover the melody, but to sing songs of resignation.

Keep in mind the Fugees themselves sampled a Delfonics record which spoke of humiliation and love, two Human emotions more causally linked that we’d like to believe.

Download Vic Mensa 10K Problems Mp3;


Vic Mensa 10K Problems Mp3 Download

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