Aesop Rock – Klutz

Aesop Rock – Klutz

Aesop Rock Klutz Mp3 Download

The day has finally come. Aesop Rock has returned to the fold to pen his fables. Fans should rest easy knowing the author has yet to lose a step. in fact, is “Klutz” is any indication, his mind appears sharper than ever. Anyone familiar with Rock already knows his lyrical style merits deeper analysis than a layman is likely to allot.

Still, as a video game completionist might attest, the journey is worth it all the same. Any given four stanzas from Aesop often feature a self-contained image, often centered around abstract concepts. Yet somehow, it all makes sense.

Shriek into the vacuum if in spite of your accomplishments, you wake up feeling empty like Houdini’s grave probably is,” raps Aesop, in one of the song’s dopest lines.

He proceeds to take shots at the average keyboard activist, rapping “volley with the quintessential digital ager, I’m offended by everything, my opinions come in manger, oh boy.” It’s a welcome return for one of the underground scene’s most acclaimed voices, and proof that a compelling pen game adds volumes of replay value to any given track.

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