YG Feat Ty Dolla $ign-Power


YG Feat Ty Dolla Sign Power Mp3 Download

YG Feat Ty Dolla Sign Power Mp3 Download

YG Feat Ty Dolla Sign Power Mp3 Download YG subtly brings politics into the bedroom.

YG’s new Stay Dangerous released yesterday and, as usual for mr. 4Hunnid, it’s much more complex than it seems on first listen. Take his album of a few years ago, My Krazy Life, where every song taken on its own seems simple enough: the straight up party song, “I Just Wanna Party,” the chill “Bicken Back Bein’ Bool,” and the Drake-feature hit “Who Do You Love.” But, when you consider them in the context of the album, they take on new significance in the context’s of the simple (but very effective) break-up narrative that runs through the album from start to finish.


If My Krazy Life was the intricate personal album, then Still Brazy was the in-your-face political one, with songs like “Fdt” (fuck donald trump) and “Police Get Away wit Murder.” On his new song “Power” YG has brought together these two sides of his music for a personal and political banger with a similar vibe to his 2014 song “Do It To Ya.” The hook of the song is “that pussy got power.” YG doesn’t only mean this in the obvious sense of wanting his “face in the middle of the thighs,” he’s also evoking the feminist political message that has been central to the opposition to Donald Trump in the past few years: “this pussy grabs back.”

The song also has some bars and lovely verse from Ty Dolla $ign. Listen below:

Quotable Lyrics

Got me on some shit I ain’t never been on
You got me comin’ home and I don’t never come home
You got my teeth grippin’, take you out that dome
Got me drinkin’ Patron, and I don’t drink Patron

YG Feat Ty Dolla Sign Power Mp3 Download

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