Baka Not Nice-Tings On Me


Baka Not Nice Tings On Me Mp3 Download

Baka Not Nice Tings On Me Mp3 Download

Baka Not Nice Tings On Me Mp3 Download Baka Not Nice keeps the “Ting” with a beam locked on his target.

On Baka’s debut 4Milli doesn’t carry the same weight it would have, had he galvanized his shot from the get-go. Sure his signing screams of nepotism, but Drake was and is at liberty to sign over checks to whomever he chooses. “Money in the Bank” and “Live Up to My Name” were examples of strong foreshadowing, but their inclusion on 4Milli reads like a sales pitch more than anything else.

Never-the-less, the Baka we encounter on “Tings On Me” is the gun-toting mercenary we projected him to be from the jump. The very moment Drake assigned him an OVO bandolier, the consummate pro hit the ground running.


As a measure of his success, Baka afforded himself the FN Herstal with a magnified scope. For those who don’t own a gun license, that’s machine gun at his dispersal. Baka’s use of colloquial slang helps him evade the justice league, in the interest of a calm resolution to drama in the 6ix.


Quotable Lyrics:

You ain’t ridin’, if-if-if you ain’t got no duppies
You ain’t on big dope
You just a puppet
If you live from a shoot up with me you just got lucky
This is not a game, fuck up you’ll lose your life
I ain’t lookin’ for fame
I want that money train
Tell your boss I said, he ain’t no fuckin’ boss
I’m the real boss, already paid the cost

-Baka Not Nice

Baka Not Nice Tings On Me Mp3 Download

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