Kanye West – YE Album (Zip Download)


Kanye West YE Album Zip Download

Kanye West YE Album Zip Download

Kanye West go solo on a new album titled “YE” After releasing his latest album Kanye West YE Album Zip

“The Life of Pablo” in February, Kanye West surprised fans when he revealed that he was planning on releasing another album this summer.

Today Kanye revealed that the current title of the project is named after his favorite childhood game console “Turbo Grafx 16”.

Though Kanye West usually takes much longer to record his albums, a collaborator of his, Tony Williams, revealed that he saved numerous tracks from the TLOP recording sessions with the intent of including them on his next album.

It’s very possible that Kanye will change the title of this album four-five times like he did with his last album, but for now, the world will be waiting on “Turbo Grafx 16”.


Horses walked around in the background as commenters impatiently waited for hours before the official party began. As with previous Ye albums, the rollout to ye has been strange and mystical, with very little known about the project until its official release.

Even the cover art was kept secret until a few moments ago but it is surprisingly fitting for the content he discusses. Kim Kardashian revealed that the album art was shot on the way to the listening party with Kanye adding a phrase atop, writing, “I hate being Bi-Polar its awesome.”

Diving into his suicidal and sometimes homicidal thoughts on the intro track, this is already noticeably introspective from the legendary artist.

Finally showing up on streaming services this morning, Kanye West YE Album Zip Kanye gets emotional on nearly every track, speaking directly to Kim Kardashian at parts and discussing his most troubled moments at others.

Download Kanye West YE Album Zip;



1. I Thought About Killing You
2. Yikes
3. All Mine
4. Wouldn’t Leave
5. No Mistakes
6. Ghost Town
7. Violent Crimes

Kanye West – Ye Full Album Download 

Kanye West YE Album

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