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Matt Champion

Matt Champion

Contrary to popular belief, Matt Champion isn’t actually a husky OR a wolf – he’s a real person. Here’s everything you need to know about Brockhampton’s (not-so) low-key heart throb.

Who is Matt Champion?

Name: Matthew Champion
Birthday: February 14, 1995
Sign: Aquarius

Matt Champion is a vocalist for “the best boyband since One Direction of All Time”, BROCKHAMPTON. He’s the most enigmatic member of the bunch, and he’s one of the most versatile vocalists in the industry today.

matt champion brockhamptonIf you’ve seen any of Brockhampton’s interviews, you know that the group has plenty of unconventional personalities throughout the group. But somehow Matt Champion manages to stand out from the rest.

Matt brings an infectious level of self-confidence and swagger to Brockhampton’s music and live shows. He may look like he fits the conventional boy band stereotype but he does everything he can to stay out of the spotlight, preferring to let his music do the talking. In a group of self-labeled misfits, oddballs, and outcasts, Matt Champion seems like he might have been on homecoming court. But it isn’t wise to try to put Matt, or his music, into a box – even if he’s literally wearing a box.

Matt Champion on “BOYS:
“Lowkey I’m a heartthrob and I ain’t drop an album yet
I’m something like a poster, sitting on your girl’s wall
And something about my face make her take her clothes off
Y’all say y’all got bitches but y’all bitches make my dick soft
Why y’all always mad cause I’m feeling myself?
What the fuck you mean, I can’t feel myself?
Old girl suburban, but now I’m on to new things
Ego like celebrity, but real like a dope fiend
Tanning out in Hollywood, got Chantel’s on my coattails
From motels to hotels, I’m good, bitch I’m good
From hotels to motels, I’m good, bitch I’m good”

Early life

Matthew “Matt” Champion was born and raised in The Woodlands, Texas, a suburb on the outskirts of Houston. Matt attended Tough Elementary (no joke that’s actually the school’s name) and went to high school at The Woodlands High School, where he was selected as a ‘Highlighted Highlander’ his senior year. Also in attendance at Matt’s high school was Kevin Abstract, Merlyn Wood, Ameer Vann, and Russell “JOBA” Boring – although JOBA was a year older and grade ahead at the time.

Matt Champion’s Career Pre-Brockhampton

Matt Champion first started making music by himself in high school before starting to collaborate increasingly with JOBA, Kevin, Romil, and others in the lead-up to Brockhampton’s formation. Prior to collaborating with his fellow Texans that would become the eventual core of the group, Matt created and released two songs on his SoundCloud in 2015: “Burn” and “You’re Too Cool For Me”.


What is Matt’s role in Brockhampton?

matt champion ageMatt Champion might be the most low-key personality of all Brockhampton’s vocalists, but what he lacks in presence he more than makes up for with confidence and authenticity.

Among many things, Matt Champion is known for his willingness to take on misogyny and rape culture in his music. On Matt’s standout verse on “JUNKY” from Saturation II, he exposes and eviscerates perpetrators of sexual assault in a way that very few hip hop artists are willing to do.


Matt Champion on “JUNKY:
“I hate these shady folk that want a ladylike
But don’t treat lady right, but they be sayin’ like “just the tip”
And, yeah, you mad ’cause she ain’t fuck, mad ’cause she ain’t suck
Beat your ass before you got time to say “why not?”
Here to catch ya slip up, wish you could just rewind
Time to not fuck up, thought you were just lucked up
Where the respect? Is your ass human?
I look you in your eyes, say “fuck you, are you fuckin’ stupid?”
Respect my mother, ‘spect my sister, ‘spect these women, boy”

Matt Champion is the perfect microcosm of Brockhampton’s self-imposed label of the “All American Boyband” and the concept it encompasses. In a group of artists that don’t fit the conventional definition of a boy band, Matt Champion is the only character that seems to fit the traditional mould – from afar. But he also bucks the convention – he chain smokes cigarettes, dresses like an everyday guy, and doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks of it. The fandom for Matt Champion individually is the closest any member of Brockhampton gets to the infamously insane “boy band fan girls”. Despite the craze, Matt is the only vocalist to have never given an individual interview and seems to actively avoid the spotlight.

“[Brockhampton] gives me something that’s really rare in life — a large group of people with a similar mindset and similar goal that understand you. It’s almost like a family setting inside of a really intense workplace. Having that with 15 people is very rare for me and I’m very blessed to have that. We all wanna push each other to make exactly what we see inside our heads. We all want to push success with each other. In music, there’s no end goal, ‘cause we’re just always gonna be working on something else. I first started making music by myself, then I met Kevin, Merlyn and Ameer in high school. I found out they made music. One summer, I started hanging out with them and we did some shows together. Then, I ended up really becoming friends with them and making music with them, that was way back.” – Matt Champion with Fader

matt champion the woodlands


Matt Champion in Brockhampton’s Music

Blunt but playful. Straightforward but smooth. Matt Champion’s vocals are as versatile as they are memorable. His unique talent in taking complex concepts/ideas and making them simple enough to sing along with has produced some of Brockhampton’s catchiest musical moments.

matt champion sexualityMatt Champion brings an authentic West Coast rap sound to Brockhampton’s music, which provides a pleasing contrast to the East Coast approach of other members like Dom McLennon, Ameer Vann, and Kevin Abstract. His ad libs are the best of the bunch, making him a top pick for hooks, pre-hooks, intros, and outros alongside Kevin Abstract. But Matt’s contributions don’t end there – he also has increasingly showcased his talents as a singer through Brockhampton’s musical development.

Excellent Hooks by Matt Champion:

Pre-Saturation Era

After issuing his first two songs as a solo artist, Matt joined up with Brockhampton in their early stages and proceeded to release a series of quality singles. The singles ultimately led up to an album that he released in March of 2017 that has since been removed from most official online streaming platforms. Standout songs included “Fangs” and “Mansions”.

Matt’s work before the Saturation Era featured the young vocalist showing off his vocal chords more than his bars – something he would revert from until the final album in the series, Saturation III.

Matt Champion in the Saturation Trilogy

Although Matt had many of the most memorable lines on both Saturation I and Saturation II, he seemed to be trying to find consistent footing as a vocalist and rapper. Then Saturation III happened.

Matt Champion was by far the most improved rapper and vocalist on Saturation III, earning more verses than any other member on the final cut of the album. Matt Champion clearly pushed himself as an artist and went outside of his comfort zone on some songs and it worked out well for him. His performances on “ZIPPER”, “ALASKA”, “BLEACH”, “SISTER”, “RENTAL” ended up as some of the most impressive moments in the entire trilogy.

Matt Champion


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