Tee Grizzley – Colors Mp3 Download

Tee Grizzley - Colors Mp3 Download

Tee Grizzley – Colors Mp3 Download

Stream & Download Tee Grizzley’s new single “Colors” off his upcoming album “Activated.”
Tee Grizzley continues to keep the new music coming. Just a couple days removed from the release of his song with Lil Reese “Ready 4 Real,” the Detroit emcee decides to come through today and share a new single called “Colors,” which he had teased on Twitter earlier in the week.

Going in over the eerie piano-laced production from Helluva Beats, Tee Grizzley delivers another aggressive & energetic street cut that finds him boasting about the “colors” in his wallet & chain, among other things. The song is presumably in support of his forthcoming album Activated, which is on the way.


“They’re going to hear that gritty, slum,” Grizzley said about his upcoming album. “It’s a dark cloud over my city. I’ve been through it and I’ma tell you in detail. A lot of people just ride past the slums in their music. Boarded-up trap houses, cars parked on the grass. I’m going to take you into those houses, into the minds of the people that’s in those houses.”

Available on iTunes, take a listen to the first single and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics:

Trapping, I’m still into that
Address, I can sent you that
So if my label drop me, I can still look like I rap
Know a couple of niggas living like they got platinum plaques (Aha)
All they doing is catching bags, sending out and sitting back

Tee Grizzley – Colors Mp3 Download

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